equipment network system

  • Project Description

    Researching remote self-service financial service technology based on cloud platform, studying mobile financial service technology based on internet, researching remote financial service technology based on multimedia, developing a unified financial equipment by combining financial self-service terminal equipment and cloud computer network technology Cloud platform system and financial equipment with cloud platform access capabilities to reduce the operational management and equipment costs of the financial industry in our country and enhance the ability of financial regulatory agencies to implement financial business management and services


    Cross-platform peripheral access management system
    The design principles of self-service cross-platform C-terminal system are: modularization, parameterization and standardization. The system is built with stability, flexibility, scalability, maintainability and security.
    Victoria financial financial management system
    The system uses centralized management, hierarchical monitoring of the operating mode. BS structure, easy to use. Unified management of equipment, compatible with different brands and models of equipment, customer transactions and equipment status information statistics, to provide a basis for bank decision-making.
    Wisdom network management system
    Unified application platform with good system scalability. Achieve customer stratification, business diversion, service partition service advantages, improve the quality of customer satisfaction. And CRM, WeChat, marketing platform and other systems to synergy, improve network marketing capabilities. Rich reporting capabilities provide a quantitative basis for tiered streaming services and teller appraisal.
    Multimedia remote financial services system
    Combine a variety of communication technologies to ensure high-quality video calls, experience a strong sense. Low bandwidth, high quality video, audio recording, recording more secure. Provide face-to-face remote services, centralized management of personnel, diversion of manual counter business. Seat systems are easy to deploy, with low operating costs, long business hours, and high volume of business operations, all enabling VTM centralized management.